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February 13,1998


Snowdomes of Iowa

Toaster Domes

FARG0 Dome

Mail Order Domes


For a change of pace, here are some domes courtesy of a juice promotion. A friend of ours bought the Christmas videotape for herself, but gave us the UPC symbol from the box. We drank a lot of cranberry juice, sent in the coupons, and these four pretty domes were shipped to our door. They're plastic, if you're wondering, and are even warranteed for one year.

While snagging domes though newspaper coupons isn't as romantic as a road trip, cranberry juice is healthy for you. When the Broadway stage version of the B&B story came to the Chicago Theatre, I took my daughter and her friend. The live musical was much like the cartoon, according to the kids. Same music, wonderful costumes and choreography. We had a great time, in spite of the fact that some parents won't control their kids. The little girl behind us was singing right along with the actors.