Not your regular snow dome, this one is only available with the videocassette. It's one of the darkest domes my snowdome world has ever seen.

Movie Synopsis: Two thugs are hired by a car saleman to stage a mock kidnapping of his wife to extort money from her father. Events spiral out of control and lots of people die. A Minnesota county police woman gets involved and eventually solves the case. The film brings out the endless dreariness of winter in the Northern Plains. It also has fun with the way English is spoken in Minnesota, but Jeepers, my dad came from up there and that's how they talk, you know.

But what the heck. If you didn't see the movie yet, go and rent a copy!

This dome has plenty of view angles. An upturned car. Bloody footprints in the snow, Has any other dome showed this much gore?


I first heard about this dome when person at Microsoft sent me a photo of this dome on his desk. I mentioned it to my wife, as we had enjoyed the movie. Lo and Behold, it came as a birthday gift.

The dome was so successful that I understand that a second one showing the end of the movie was released. That one shows one of the villains disposing of his ex-partner in a mulching machine.

Gee Whiz. Do I need a second copy of the movie?




If you wondred how many domes are out there, I have # 15657.