Need Free Ice Water? Let's go to Wall Drug!

South Dakota on Interstate 90 is pretty dull unless it's late July when mild mannered civilians masquerading as bikers for the Black Hills Classic Rally come out. That could explain how a drugstore became so famous for free ice water that it now has its own snow domes....

When I visited Wall Drug, they only had Dinosaur Domes. So I brought home one of thes TV viewers. Inside is a small slide show. Some of the scenes appear here. I briefly thought about starting a TV collection.

Nope. It would be boring.

There really is a fake dinosaur down the highway from the store, but the connection never really was clear to me. Anyway, if you get a chance, they still pass out free ice water. FIll up your bottles and buy some domes. I look forward to passing through again some day,

By now, I suppose you're wondering why I had to create a whole page just to show two snow domes. Well, things were kind of slow this month.

-Happy Snowdoming!

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July 10, 1998