Down and Out in Vancouver, British Columbia

                                                    JULY 2000                           

 Or how your snowdome correspondent  went to Canada 
and brought home some T-shirts. 

Prior to our drive down the Pacific Coast this summer, we left the kid at home and spent a week in
Vancouver, BC.  To make it seem more like a road trip, we flew into Seattle and drove up to Canada.
This page features all the domes I didn't buy.

All three of these guys are still back in British Columbia.  I just couldn't get excited about seeing
them in my collection.  I snapped some photos instead.
"Gassy Jack", one of
Vancouver's founding 

The place to buy domes in Vancouver is 
the Gastown District where gift stores take
up every 3rd  or  4th store front. 


There you can buy stuff like this black 
lucite dome.  There are bears in Vancouver?    

The  Steam Clock  runs 
on steam and toots like a  calliope on  the quarter hour.


Although the domes were all losers in my book, Vancouver is a great city to visit.
If you get out there, rent a bicycle and go thru Stanley Park instead of taking the car.
See the gardens and the bay. If you don't own a boat, take a ride on the water bus.

And if the domes disappoint you, the sushi is inexpensive.