Look, Ma, I went to see a restaurant on my vacation!

People used to come to Chicago to see our great museums, tour the Art Institute and shop on Michigan Avenue. Now it seems that a lot of people just come here to eat. And they're not eating our pan pizza?.

A lot of glamor eateries have sprung up north of the Loop.

I rate this as a four star snowdome. The planet is 3D, not a flat panel. If "Chicago" were printed inside, it would get 5 stars. Slap on a stencil, and it drops to a two star dome.

For the record, I've never eaten at the Planet Hollywood in Chicago. I have driven 400 miles to Minnesota to eat at the one in Bloomington. Update 2-26-2001. The Chicago franchise was closed and the location was taken over by Ginos Pizza, one of my favorite restaurants.

The following places don't have snowdomes. Don't go there unless you just want to eat!

Rock & Roll Micky D. Possibly the only fast food place with a metered lot. Lots of musical memorabilia here, and you might get a snowdome if there's a promo going on. There's more guitars inside at the Hard Rock. If you want a snowdome, I hear you can get one at the Las Vegas site. Better yet, go to the one in London. So it doesn't have any domes? I could handle that.

This place is packed with mist, little kids and chattering robotic monkeys. The gift store is huge, but we all know what's missing. Frog and alligator figurals! Kids will love this place though.


In my opinion, buy the Hollywood snowdome across the street and stop here for a great burger and malt.You might get the cheerleader for your waitress, or the greaser chick in the pink satin jacket. Watch out though for Doc Strangelove, if he's on duty.


Rev 1.0 November 10, 1998