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[Snowdome OK] [Snowdome SD] [Snowdome Buffalo]
Will Rogers International Airport in Oklahoma city has a cafeteria which sells a good chicken fried steak and a gift shop that sells a passable snowdome. The chicken is better than the snowdome, but if you must make a choice, take the snowdome since it won't clog your arteries. If you go a couple of hundred mile North and stop at Wall Drugs in South Dakota, you will not only get their signature "free glass of water", but you can pick up the snowdome in the middle. Hmm. it looks like a mix and matcher. Finally, if you travel East to Niagara Falls, Ontario, and cross over to the American side, you can buy the last of the three snowdomes pictured here. "Why I must be in Buffalo, NY", you might think. But you will have thought wrong. Buffalo is a bit further south, but someone still decided to make a medley of the Falls and the bison.

Where's the Boardwalk

[Snowdome Atlantic City]
At least these two snowdomes from Atlantic City are different. The little one is the only miniature snowdome in my collection. These domes are the only loot that I brought back from Atlantic City. The rest of my money went into their slot machines. I bought these at a gift shop on the Boardwalk, which is a wonderful wide wooden sidewalk that runs along the ocean front. It's lined with gift shops, casinos, an amusement park, and beach. By the way, I strongly suspect that the Las Vegas snowdome, which I will someday acquire, will look suspiciously like an Atlantic City dome. Anyway, we left Atlantic City and drove a little bit down the road to Margate, which is home to a hollow wooden elephant about two stories high. The locals say it served as a two room hotel in the early 20th century. Now that would make a good snowdome wouldn't it? Anyone seen one?

Wooden Shoes

[Snowdome Holland, MI] [Snowdome Holland, MI]
Holland, Michigan is the site of an annual tulip festival. They have a park on Lake Michican which is anchored by a windmill and beds of flowers. These two date back to about the start of my tiny snowdome collection, which would be around 1982. I like them because it reminds me of our visit to Holland when my son was still in a stroller. At one point, he broke away and ran into the flower beds. When we caught him, we found that he had left a shoe somewhere in the flowers. Never did find it.

Feel free to email me if you want to tell me about your snowdomes.

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