Harry's Snowdome Collection -continued"

The Corn Palace

[Mitchell Corn Palace]
Almost everyone from Chicago has been to the Badlands of South Dakota. If you're a long distance driver, you'll pass by Mitchell on the first day. The Corn Palace is a famous sight here. The front of the building will have a mural made out of corn. It's changed every year, so you could come back annually. I would if I could.

Mount Rushmore

[Mount Rushmore]
After you leave the Badlands Park, you stop at Wall Drug and get yourself a bumper sticker and one or two Wall Drug snowdomes. Then it's on to Mount Rushmore. When we got there, it was completely overcast. All we could see in the viewing area was fog. We did see several tour busses full of disappointed Europeans, who must have been on a 5 day whirlwind tour of the Amercian West. So I bought the snowdome here to see what I had missed. The next day, we came back to the park and found a beautiful clear day to view the mountain carvings.

The City of Lights

[Paris, France]
I've been to Paris, Illinois and I have been to Paris, France. The city in Europe has a number of different snow domes. This is one of the simpler ones. I sure wish there was a dome from Paris, Illinois, but it would probably show a pig.


[Montreal, Quebec]
The second largest French speaking city in the world is ....? Oui, it is in Canada and Montreal is the city. Indeed, most of the people in Quebec speak mainly French.

[rainbow bar]
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