If it's Lucite, we must be in Napoli....on the Big Bus tour of  Italia

Part 1 - Roma & surroundings

Padua (Padova) is west of Venice. but
this dome came from a shop in Castel Gandolfo outside Rome, where the Pope keeps his summer palace. 

In Padova is the Basilica di Sant Antonio, which has a cone shaped central dome surrounded by seven other domes. Although St. Anthony is known as the patron saint of travelers and lost objects.,
he could easily be a saint of snowdomes. 

The street vendors of  Rome carry a lot of domes like this. You can find St. Peter's Basilica or the Pope in elegant domes anywhere from two to four inches in height. The bases have fake gold plating! Of course, they're all Italian.

This is about the only way to see either one. The Cathedral was covered by scaffolding, and il Papa was a tough ticket (with all due respect) as it was Easter Week when I visited. Seriously, everyone must see St. Peters Square.)

These two are actually the sides of the same dome. It's a great idea! It  keeps the inventory down, and we collectors still have to buy two, so we can keep both sides facing front.
Rome had more domes available, but they were either the stencilled lucite models which I now boycott or the fancier bottles which didn't interest me. The sights and wonders of this city more than made up for the lack of good domes.

The Bus rolls on.....Click here for more domes of Italy.

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