Fantasy Domes

Here are some domes you'll never see anywhere but here.

[dilbert dome] My day job is being an engineer. Done it for years. I use to look like this guy, but I quit wearing ties after I was kicked out of management. All for the better.

One of the downsides of management is that one attends too many meetings with these types. I might have ended becoming one of them.

Then I wouldn't have been able to sit in front of a computer pretending to work, when I was really learning how to write web pages and surf the net.

The figures were printed on an inkjet, mounted to plastic and encased in resin. Yes, this is almost a lucite dome.


[Teletype M33] Most people on the Internet weren't even born when this machine was a top seller. It's a Teletype Model 33. Clackety clack clack at 300 baud! These babies paid my salary for years. Today, the factory where these were made has been turned into a shopping mall. The building with my office was razed and a Best Buy now stands in its place. Now they're selling technology that I only dreamed of when I was punching out programs on a 33.

[mx5 dome]

Enough about work. Let's talk about fun. Every day is a vacation if you own a little convertible. This is my snowdome getter. It's too small for golf clubs, but it will pack a lot of domes.

The little figures used to be angels from a Christmas dome, but they had their wings clipped. The car was molded from quick-set resin. I printed the name plate on an inkjet and encased that in resin. After a few months, the car dissolved. Life is cruel in the snow dome biz.

I'll try it again some day.

Rev 1.0 January 23, 1999